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ProFusion is a META search engine on steroids! It will search up to 10 search engines in parallel, and concatenate the results. One excellent feature of ProFusion is the option to verify the links prior to displaying the summary page -- the extra time that this takes is worth it when you see how much less frustrating the results are.

No restrictions specified.



It's quite tricky to get ProFusion up and running on your site, but the effort's worth it. First, go to
this page. Look at the underlying source code for this page, and cut and paste everything between the <center> and </center> tags (including the tags!) into your own site. Next make a directory on your web server under the one in which you stored the page containing the ProFusion HTML code. Call this directory "images". Next go to this page, and save the picture as "title.gif". Upload the picture into the images directory you just created. Phew! That should get ProFusion up and running for you!

NOTE: If the ProFusion FTP server seems to get stuck without displaying a list of files, just click the "STOP" button on your browser and the directory listing will pop up.


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