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WebPosition Gold Software
Want to increase your Web Site Traffic? WebPosition Gold helps you monitor search positions & improve your rankings! Don't be buried in last place, move up to 1st today... : Introduction to this Site

There are two main ways you can make use of this site:

  • as a research tool to help you track down the search engine you need to find the information you want

  • as a powerful and simple way to enhance your site's content

There are thousands of search engines on the Web. Between them, they have spent billions of dollars sifting through and categorizing content. Now you can harness this vast resource - free of charge! With the exception of the search engines you can install to enable searching on your own site, all the resources listed are free to use and free to link to.

Most of the search engines listed here offer you a special "box" or "form" that you can install on your site to allow your visitors to conduct searches using those engines. (Of course, this leads the visitor away from your site - but by helping a visitor you may indirectly be encouraging them to come back to your site again in future since they had a "positive experience" there.)

Other companies offer products and services that will allow your visitors to search YOUR site.

A note on this site's audience: There are search engines covering every topic under the sun, from snowboarding to sex. Since this is a family-friendly site, you won't find any coverage of the latter here - but if you're looking for something to spruce up your adult site, go to any large search engine (Google or AltaVista for example) and type [adult word] +"search engine" + "your site" - not forgetting to substitute your own choice of expression for [adult word].

If this is your first visit to this site, you'll no doubt want to check out How to Use this Site to find out, well, how to use this site...

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